FAQ Professional football predictions

What is Probetting247?

We are a web site for football predictions made on the basis of statistics, analysis and strategies of professional team tipsters.

How can I get tips?

You simply click on the banner and make your payment. We will send you an e-mail with your tips.

How can I get any kind of discounts?

We are a company that have high self-respect and respect for the clients as well. That’s why we  make discounts for our loyal clients, in attempt to thank them for our mutual trust.

Besides the service you offer on this website, do you also individually prepare predictions for clients’ requirements?

If our clients want something other than what they can see on our website, we are always ready to discuss it.

Are you working with fixed odds?

No. Certainty is our priority. We aim for 1.70 as our minimum coefficient.  On some days we give 2, other days – 2.20 or more, it all depends on the program.

How do you select the matches?

The selection of matches is a long and compound process. Some of the  factors that play an important role when making our choice are the current shape of the favorite team, the current shape of the outsider team, the previous games they have played with each other. The other factors will remain a secret.

Why should I trust your choice?

We don’t give empty promises. We also won’t oblige anybody to trust us. The gratification of our clients is our aim and the results will show you if you can trust us.

If you need more information, you can always contact us.

Look at the section “Contact Us” on the front page of the website.