Responsible gambling

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         What do you think of sports betting – is it in your opinion a loss or a gain of money? We created this article so that you forget the word “loss” and meet the word “gain” – the gain from sports betting. Here are some of the reasons why you may lose money when sports betting:

– You bet when being under the influence of some emotions

 Many of you bet on their favorite team, no matter what its current condition is. Emotions take the place of realistic thinking and you are ready to find many illogical explanations why would your team win. You may also bet because of other people’s opinion – for example after hearing some people discussing the matches at the bookmaker’s.

– Favorite bookmaker

Do not bet only at the website you registered the first time. Sometimes it’s good to check what other bookmaker websites offer.

– Betting on an unknown team

Betting your money on a team you know nothing about is too much of a risk for you.

– You bet too big

Never make bets that are too big compared to what you have in your bank account. These bets are often being made under the influence of recently lost matches and money. The more you try to regain your money, the more you lose more money.

– Prepare a preliminary plan of the game.

If you win – keep playing, but if you start losing much money, it’s compulsory for you to stop playing until the end of the day.

– Do not bet if you have taken alcohol or drugs.

These moments are totally inappropriate for betting, since you always make illogical and inadequate decisions then.

– Betting, when in the condition of depression or despair.

Betting, when you’re depressed or desperate is not recommended.

– “I feel lucky today – I will bet!”

Do not rely on being lucky. Search for information and make sure you know everything you need to know before making a bet.